January 18, 2024

Top Tips for Selling Your Home In 2024

Choosing an estate agent

Selling your home is no walk in the park and can be quite a daunting prospect. However, it doesn’t have to be the painful process it may at first seem. We have asked some of our agents for some of their top tips to increase your chance of selling your home quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal fuss. Here is what they came up with…

What Should I Do To Sell My House Quickly?

  1.  Spruce It Up

First impressions really do make a big impact on viewers, so you will want to make sure that your home looks, at the very least, presentable. Imagine how you would expect the property to look if you were the buyer.

First things first, DECLUTTER! We can’t emphasise this enough. Tidy away belongings, hoover and mop the floors, and keep durfaces clear and clean so that your home is looking spick and span. You could also ‘stage’ your home to make it look as appealing as possible and feel more homely: simply lighting candles or buying some flowers etc to provide a few extra touches that are likely to have a positive effect.

You should also apply this step to the exterior of your house; improving the curb appeal of your home is a very important aspect of preparing your home for sale.. Cleaning or even painting your front door, mowing your lawn, clearing away any clutter and freshening up the exterior of your home are small steps that will go a long way.

2.  Keep Things Neutral

As lovely as your house may be, your design preferences won’t be to everyone’s taste. Potential buyers like to imagine their own belongings in your home and plan out how they would like the property to look if they live there. The best way of enabling this is to present them with a blank canvas.

This can be achieved by painting all of the walls a neutral colour, such as white or grey. This way, the buyer can then get a better idea of what changes they would make if they purchased the property.

Neutral colours also make a room appear less oppressive and more spacious. Heavy patterns and bold colours tend to make a room feel much smaller than it actually is.

3. Choose An Agent Who Will Promote Your Property Well

If you want to attract buyers for your home, then you will need to make sure that your estate agent promotes your listing properly. They should publish the listing on the popular online property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, but ask whether they conduct their own marketing on social media channels such as Facebook to increase reach.

Your agent should take high quality photos of your whole property from various angles and, if your listing has been online for a while, make sure they update the photos regularly.

If you are struggling to attract potential buyers, then you could always hold an open viewing day. This can create a sense of urgency amongst interested parties, as they will be aware that they could face competition to purchase the home.

4. Have A Plan In Place

Have a clear plan in place for what will happen when your home is sold. If you are buying a new property you will become involved in a property chain. Remain aware of this from the outset as there are plenty of issues that could potentially arise if a part of the chain collapses.

It may be worth having a contingency plan in place in case you have to move into temporary accommodation while you organise the purchase of your new home. You may consider renting a new property or, if possible, you could temporarily move in with a family member who is able to accommodate you. This might not seem like an ideal situation but it will give you extra time to consider your future options, taking away the pressure of having to find your new home under a strict time limit. Being out of the housing chain will also make you a much more attractive buyer as well as seller.

5. Get expert conveyancing advice

It’s vital that you get advice from an expert conveyancer as early as possible so that you can begin the essential legal work that is involved in property transactions. By conducting effective research, you will avoid having to deal with unreliable conveyancers who are likely to cause you unnecessary delays at an already stressful time.

6. Compare Estate Agents

Choosing a good estate agent can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home quickly and for the right price. Estate agent fees will be a factor, but you should also consider their commission rate, the type of contract they offer, their relative experience and how long they will advertise your property for. Choosing an estate agent who is the best fir for you is vital

It is important to do your research before choosing an estate agent. Always Compare estate agents thoroughly before you sign anything. We suggest using our estate agent comparison site to do this. We compare the performance of estate agents and their fees across the UK and provide you with a list of the best estate agents that cover your area.

Depending on your budget, you may also consider using multiple estate agents. With multiple agents advertising your property, it should reach more potential buyers, helping it to sell quickly, though this means paying  multiple fees.