January 22, 2024

Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Newly Established Estate Agent

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Choosing an estate agent to sell your house quickly and for the best price can be confusing. Some agents offer low fees or give you an optimistically high property valuation, both of which can be red flags.  So how do you know which estate agent to choose and how could selecting a newly established business be a good choice.

How Do I Choose The Right Estate Agent?

It is important to do your research before choosing an agent. Compare estate agents thoroughly before you sign anything. We suggest using our estate agent comparison site to do just that. We compare the performance and estate agent fees  of every active agent in the UK and provide you with a list of the best estate agents that cover your area.

You will naturally think of looking in the local newspaper and online,drive or walk around your area to see which estate agents are marketing other flats and houses in your neighbourhood.  You will no doubt speak to friends, family members and neighbours to see if they can recommend an agent.  Some of these companies might be new or ones you have never encountered before. We believe that these are really worth considering.  Here are our top reasons for choosing a newly established estate agents

Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Newly Established Estate Agent

  1. Expert Local Knowledge

Newly established estate agents are likely to be independent start up businesses who have set up in your area because it is where they know. When it comes to selling property, extensive local knowledge will have a significant impact on the speed of your sale as well as an accurate valuation.  Not only will a new and independent local agent be in tune with the best types of buyers for your home, but they will have a recent working knowledge of the community, local features and amenities and first-hand insight into the market of the area.  All this makes for a more tailored service that will likely produce a much smoother sale.

Larger firms are sometimes rewarded by how many properties they list. Smaller new agents are more likely to provide an honest and realistic valuation which helps you to sell your property in a realistic time frame, rather than an inflated estimate that can see your property going stale on the market.

  1. A More Focused Sale

A new and Independent estate agent will probably  have a smaller portfolio than their counterparts in major well established firms. This will give them more time to spend on your sale and the possible freedom not to be tied in to countrywide financial targets.  The result of this will be a much more in-depth look at your property with more frequent updates on progress and marketing, making your move as stress-free as possible.

  1. A Personal Touch

A new estate agent isn’t likely to be governed by a higher management chain who demand specific figures and generalised processes. They will have the flexibility to deliver a more bespoke service to suit the needs of individual clients and get to know them on a far more personal level.  The fact that you can pop into the office and see a familiar face shouldn’t be overlooked either; speaking to prospective buyers one-to-one is a great chance to really sell your property prior to a viewing.

  1. Local Support

Supporting new local businesses often means trusted members of the community will likely be keen to “shop local”. Customers will be well connected to other local professionals such as surveyors or conveyancing solicitors and you might be getting involved with a trusted network of handy potential businesses.  As well as a wealth of new contacts, new local agents might even have potential buyers lined up who are looking for property just like yours. 

Some national chain estate agencies have centralised teams they will recommend. You never really know who you’re dealing with and your money moves out of the area. We think that’s a real shame when there is so much local talent. 

Smaller new businesses rely heavily on building a good reputation and excellent customer feedback, meaning they will often go the extra mile to not simply secure the sale, but one at the best possible price to the best possible buyers. 

  1. Honesty And Trust 

As a start up, a newly established estate agent will want  to build success on foundations of client satisfaction and confidence in service, integrity and results. The combination of their property marketing expertise, local knowledge, investment in technology, online presence and local advertising, means that there is no one better placed to represent you and promote the sale of your property.

Compare estate agents before signing on the dotted line. Use our estate agent comparison site to compare performance and the estate agent fees of every active agent in the UK and provide you with a list of the best estate agents that cover your area.