Brexit has been blamed for much uncertainty in business and the property market is no different. Although there is a definite impact and whilst the market could be described as subdued it’s not the crash that many expected it to be (although we are still to leave!)

We analysed figures gathered by customer intelligence company TwentyCi for quarter one 2019. Findings:

  • Fewer properties are coming to the market
  • Online Estate Agents have not grown to the extent they predicted
  • Property instructions have dropped 5.3% overall 
  • Asking prices continue to rise in East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Average asking price is up by 4% in Birmingham, Nottingham and Sheffield
  • Online Estate Agents are showing the biggest growth in Scotland, North East and North West
  • High levels of growth are being seen in lower income households, likely from government Help to Buy schemes

Generally speaking some people are put off by looming Brexit and are awaiting tentatively before may any decision on embarking on a house move. But the long winded and drawn out process has many people getting on with their lives and making choices right for them irrespective of the political climate. Many painted an incredibly gloomy picture for the property market in the event of a Brexit vote but so far we see that our robust market is withstanding difficulties and holding strong.

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Source TwentyCi Property Homemover Report Q1 2019

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