Buying a new home is a challenging task but selling a home is on a whole ‘other level of difficulty. It can be expensive, too! If you’re like most people, you are trying to squeeze all the expenses within your budget, so naturally, you want to cut costs. You might think that handling the sale of your home the DIY way is the best way to save money. However, the truth is that it will be best for you as a seller to work with one of the best local estate agents.

In this post, Compare Agents will answer that one question you have in mind – “Should I hire an estate agent to sell my home?” You’ll learn about all the reasons working with a real estate agent makes sense when selling your home:

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your Home

For Market Knowledge

No one knows information on the current property market conditions better than a local real estate agent. They spend hours getting updated on the latest information, including selling prices and the potential direction the market could be moving towards next. They have access to resources that you won’t have, too.

For The Accurate Pricing

When it comes to selling properties, setting the correct pricing is critical. You should be careful not to ask too much lest the home becomes “stale” for months or even years, but at the same time, you shouldn’t undervalue the property. When the house isn’t priced right and stays on the market for longer than usual, people would start wondering if there’s anything wrong with it. Unless you’re a real estate agent who knows about these things, there’s always a chance that you will get the pricing wrong.

For The Sound Advice

Selling your home is not rocket science, but it can’t be said that it’s not complex. There are several steps and a number of parties involved. For first-time sellers, especially, the entire process can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to make mistakes along the way. You need a professional who knows the world of real estate inside out to help you navigate it.

For The Marketing

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to come up with a great marketing strategy that reaches the right audience. The plan should be aimed at potential buyers. Your home will be staged and photographed for this purpose, and a real estate agent can help you go through every step of the marketing process to get your home sold fast.

For Overseeing The Sales Progression

As someone who wants to sell their property as soon as possible, you might get excited when you receive an offer from a potential buyer. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds because the selling process doesn’t end when you receive an offer – the brunt of work actually starts there. The sales progression is so complex that there’s still about a 40% chance that the sale won’t be completed. Such issues related to contractual complications, survey results, mortgage valuation, and other problems can come into play. If you are not familiar with it, it’s easy to miss some steps, overlook some documents, and commit errors that could cost you the sale.


As you can see, there are several reasons for you to get the help of one of the best estate agents in your area. They can lend you their expertise and help you go through the process of putting your home up for sale, preparing it for open houses, helping you handle the paperwork and the negotiations, and all the other steps involved in selling your home.

Compare Agents can help you find the best agent to sell your home in the UK, we analyse active estate agents’ performance and with the details about the home you want to sell, provide you with a list of professional agents who can help you. Let us find the best agent for you!

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