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Property Searches – A Complete Guide

If you’re not sure what searches you need when buying a property and whether or not you need them, then this guide is for you. Find out more about the different types of searches and what you’re likely to need. Compare Agents is an Estate Agent Comparison Site - find the best Estate agent near

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How much deposit does a first time buyer need?

Saving for a house deposit is the biggest and most important step towards owning your own home. It can seem like a huge task, however saving now will help you out in the future. To buy a property with a mortgage, you need a deposit of at least 5% of the cost of the home.

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Mortgage Valuations: What Are They And Do I Need One?

Mortgage Valuations: What Are They And Do I Need One? Mortgage valuations are standard procedure when buying property. But their purpose can be confusing and can cause buyers to question aspects of the process. This post aims to address those queries for you along with help Choosing an estate agent. What Is A Mortgage Valuation?

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What Is A Property Chain And How Do I Manage One?

What Is A Property Chain? A property chain is a sequence of property sales that must all happen at the same time. You are in a chain if you are buying from someone who also needs to buy a property, and so on. A property chain is created when these transactions all depend on each

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First Time Sellers: Preparing To Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling a property for the first time, there are many things to consider. In this post, we will offer some of our best tips on timing, presentation, which estate agent to choose, and much more so that when you’re ready to put your property on the market, you’ll be in the

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Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

What Should I Do To Sell My House Quickly?   Selling your home is no walk in the park, from choosing an estate agent to showing people around your home. However, it doesn’t have to be the painful process it may at first seem. We have asked some of our agents for some of their

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What Is The Best Time of Year To Sell Your House?

Here at Compare Agent, we analyse the performance of every estate agent in the UK and provide you with a list of agents that cover your area and how they perform against each other. With the best online and high street estate agents at our fingertips, we have all the info you need when it

Why You Should Use an Estate Agent to Help Sell Your Home

Buying a new home is a challenging task but selling a home is on a whole ‘other level of difficulty. It can be expensive, too! If you’re like most people, you are trying to squeeze all the expenses within your budget, so naturally, you want to cut costs. You might think that handling the sale

Home for Sale? Ask Your Estate Agent These Questions

When you are looking to put your home up for sale,you will work with your chosen estate agent to come up with an appropriate plan of action. You are paying them a good fee so it’s only fair you ask what they are going to do for you. The best estate agents will be able to

What Are Common House Survey Problems?

If you are in the process of buying a property you will at some point be thinking about getting a survey. Surveys give you an idea of the structural state of the property and will highlight any issues, which can save you money further down the line if repairs are needed. It can also become