Pick the right Estate Agent and you can sell your house quicker and for a price you’re happy with. The wrong one might see your property languishing unsold and you wondering why.

Buying and selling a home is likely to be the biggest purchase of your life, so do your research.

  1. Valuation. This is often the biggest draw to choosing an Estate Agent. It’s natural to want to get the very best price for your property but be wary of valuations that seem higher than others. The agent may use this as a tactic to get you to sign with them. What you need to know is:
  • Is this valuation realistic?
  • If it’s high will it put off potential viewings?
  • Does the agent think they can actually achieve it? Marketing a property at a price and achieving close to it are very different.

A realistic price is more likely to attract a larger number of viewings, a quicker sale and you won’t be left disappointed. 

  1. High Street vs Online. Will you choose an online agent or one on the high street? There are pros and cons to both and you should do careful research. Typically when we think of online agents we think of cheaper fixed price offerings. And there are some big names out there to lure you, think Purplebricks, Tepilo and Yopa. A fixed fee can be particularly appealing especially when property values are high; a percentage of sale for a traditional agent could see a hefty bill. However, bear in mind the local knowledge a local Estate Agent can offer, their list of potential buyers they can tap into to and generally they only have small tie-in periods where you can appoint only them. If they are good chances are they will be worth their fee and you can always negotiate their fee!

Online agents often beat traditional agents on price and this might be right for you. Our comparison includes online agent data so you can get a true picture of how successful they are in your area. Engine

Useful to Know: Always check the small print. Make sure there are no catches.

  1. Compare the performance of Estate Agents in your area. You need to know how good they are before you appoint them. Perhaps you think you know the best agent in your area – maybe you see their boards on lots of properties. But are they selling them? Are they selling them for the best price? How long is it taking? You need to look at agents that have experience with your type of property.

You can find this out and compare fast and free, with no obligation. Simply enter your postcode below.


Useful to Know: Estate Agents leave Sold boards up as free advertising and it looks like they have more stock so make sure you do research and learn the facts.

  1. Can you imagine that Agent working on your behalf? Ask yourself if you are happy that Estate Agent will be representing you and your property. 
  • Is their office well kept and professional?
  • Are they friendly and enthusiastic?
  • Do they live locally and/or have extensive local knowledge?
  • Who will do the viewings?
  • Are they flexible with evening and weekend opening hours?
  • Did you get a good feeling from them? If you did, potential buyers likely will too.
  1. Where will your property be advertised? Advertising your property is crucial in getting a sale. All reputable Estate Agents will list your property on the major portals: Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation etc. They may even suggest featured listings for added exposure.

Look at how they list their properties. Do they use all the marketing functions available like submitting a floor plan? 

In addition to this they should advertise your property in branch and in their window. A good agent will also have a list of buyers looking for properties like yours. It’s possible they can find you a buyer before any advertising happens. 

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