When viewing a property for the first time, buyers often imagine walking in and seeing a picture perfect showhome, ready and waiting for their belongings to fit seamlessly in. But this fleeting thought, as nice as it is, is not always what is going to happen.

This is why it’s a good idea to put some thought and effort into the first impression your home will make to potential buyers. But let’s face it, who wants to spend a fortune on a property that they are hoping to vacate since as we know, the perfect photo finish doesn’t usually come cheap. This is why we have compiled a few of our favourite, non-budget breaking makeover secrets that will transform your entire home with minimum expense. Believe it or not, creating an elegant finish is achievable, even on a modest budget.

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Home Inspo…

To gain a little inspiration, take a look through online ‘lookbooks’; Pinterest is great for home makeover ideas as is Instagram. People are often eager to share their cheap but effective ways of making the most of their homes in ways you might never have thought of.

Think about what style you are going for – something that will show your house off to the max. Complementary textures, colours and accessories, things you can take with you to your own home maybe, are a good place to start. Don’t be tempted to overdo it though, you don’t have to break the bank to replicate these looks.


Once you have an idea of the look you want, begin clearing each room of anything unused or unloved, and rediscover the space you fell in love with yourself. In other words, declutter and have a good clean. Not the most exciting prospect but probably the most important. It will help you to uncover all the unique features that stood out to you in the first place. And after a few trips to the local charity shop (or the tip) you’ll feel happier. It will breathe so much life back into your home too.

Before you begin the big declutter, make a rule and stick to it. For example, you might decide that if you haven’t used/worn/missed an item in the past 12 months you’re unlikely to need or want it in the future, so be ruthless and let it go. This might apply to clothes, furniture, ornaments, electricals and more. Go through each room in order. If your home has become a collection of old belongings, you might not even be aware of what clutter you’re holding on to. You stop seeing it after a while so be objective.

You could, in fact, take this as an opportunity to begin the packing process for your future move. Anything you want to keep but isn’t likely to be needed in the near future can be kept safe in storage until it’s time to be unpacked in your new home.


Hopefully your home will feel a little more spacious. Now that each room has been stripped back to the essentials, you can start to get creative. Re-visit your previous inspiration boards and decide carefully how you want to go about arranging your new spaces.

Do any of our rooms have a stand out feature such as a fireplace, fancy cornicing or a large bay window for instance? Consider each of your rooms and pick out the key eye-catching feature snf try arranging the furniture around this focal point. Furniture can be used to frame these interesting and unique aspects of a room. Make sure that nothing sits too close to the focal point though, and double check that the feature is the key focus as you walk into the room.

If you’re struggling to find an obvious character feature in a room, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to create a focal point. What about a beautiful large mirror centrally on a blank wall; it’ll create a sense of light and space and act as a focal point. A gorgeous large arrangement of flowers work well – even awkward, small rooms can appear inviting and interesting. All you need to do is remove unnecessary items of furniture, and strategically position key pieces. Try to keep furniture away from windows and french doors, because obstructing any source of natural light will darken the room.


Now that each of your rooms is arranged beautifully, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Maybe start with the walls; If they are a montage of your favourite family snaps, consider storing them ready to unpack in your new home. Potential buyers want to picture their family in your home, and that is not so easy with another family’s holiday snaps all over the walls. After a spot of depersonalising, your walls should be clean, neutral canvases. However, blank walls can feel a little clinical and unfinished too.

Whilst a feature wall is an option, there’s a chance these have had their day and paint and wallpaper can be pricey. A cheaper alternative, and a quick way to add life to a room, is to invest in some wall art instead. Take a look on Etsy and again, pinterest, for inspiration. They offer a huge selection of affordable art ideas. This can bring warmth and colour to your home. Remember to keep updating your inspo guides and choose items you will want to use in your new home.

Now that the walls have a little interest, you might want to add warmth with textiles. Choose colours that work well with the wall art, and if you can’t decide between two styles, plump for the more neutral option. Remember, the key is affordability; choosing cushions and throws for the living room is even more enjoyable when you know it won’t cost the earth. Again remember, once your home is sold, the accessories can be taken to your new home too- so nothing is lost!

Plants in each room are uplifting too. Fresh herbs smell beautiful and look gorgeous in the kitchen.

To complete the makeover, open the curtains, make the beds, and switch on any low-level lighting; burn candles, and relax in your beautiful pinterest worthy new rooms.

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Compare-Agents is your local estate agent comparison site.

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