If there’s one thing that anyone must know before selling their house, it’s that they definitely cannot do it alone. Sure, you may have experience selling your belongings online, but putting a property on the market and finding the right buyer isn’t something you can handle without sufficient knowledge and expertise.

To put it simply, selling a home is challenging. If you aren’t knowledgeable on the market and familiar with the process, you may end up closing the deal at a price that’s much lower than you should have received! If you want to avoid selling your home at a low cost, you must have an expert on your team.

Looking For the Best Real Estate Agent

Everyone who plans to sell their property must always work with a real estate agent. An agent’s fee may sound too much compared to that if you do everything on your own instead, but trust us when we say that going down the “For Sale By Owner” (FBO) could cost you thousands of pounds down the drain!

Recognising that you need an estate agent before beginning the selling process is only the beginning. To have a successful sale, you can’t just reach out to any agent near you—ít’s crucial to choose the best agent near you so that you can sell your house at the best possible price.

So, how do you find the best estate agent in your area? Just follow our tips below!

1. Look Around the Local Housing Market

If you don’t know anyone in real estate, then this is a good place to start. By looking around your neighbourhood, you’ll find a few estate agent signs with the names of agents on them. We recommend watching us for “For Sale” signs, as this guarantees that the agent has success in closing deals.

2. Ask For Recommendations

Don’t hesitate to ask friends, family members, and colleagues to recommend real estate agents that they think are excellent in selling homes. The people you know will give an unbiased review, unlike talking to an estate agent and putting their foot forward when speaking with you.

Simply ask those you know who’ve recently moved which real estate agents they worked with and what you think of them. For each name they recommend, add them to your list of potential agents.

3. Compare Estate Agents Online

Once you have a list of real estate agents you think could be great to work with, the next step is to narrow down your options. To shorten your list, search for the names of the real estate agents online. Besides manually looking up their online profiles and looking for a review, we recommend using our site, Compare Agents, for faster and easier comparison.


Choosing the right estate agent to work with is crucial to the success of your sale. Although our guide will provide direction and save time selecting the best agent for you, you may still have difficulty determining the best one to work with. Make sure to use a suitable medium when comparing real estate agents so that you’ll end up with the best real estate agent that can work with your budget and situation!

Are you having difficulty looking for the best agent to sell your home? Then, we at Compare Agents can make it easier for you! With our site, you can instantly compare the service and performance of estate agents near you. Enter your postcode to compare agents today.

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