Help In Choosing Your Estate Agent

If there’s one thing that anyone must know before selling their house, it’s that they definitely cannot do it alone. Sure, you may have experience selling your belongings online, but putting a property on the market and finding the right buyer isn’t something you can handle without sufficient knowledge and expertise. To put it simply,

How Do I Choose The Right Estate Agent?

Choosing an estate agent to sell your house quickly and for the best price can be confusing. Some agents offer low fees or give you an optimistically high property valuation, both of which can be red flags.  So how do you know which estate agent to choose and how could selecting a newly established business

What Are Common House Survey Problems?

If you are in the process of buying a property you will at some point be thinking about getting a survey. Surveys give you an idea of the structural state of the property and will highlight any issues, which can save you money further down the line if repairs are needed. It can also become

Should I Use More Than One Estate Agent?

When you decide to sell your home, it's only natural to want to discover all the best ways to ensure a smooth and predictable sale but there is a lot of contradictory advice about, which is quite confusing when you have to make decisions about your most valuable asset. In this article, Compare-Agents take a

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A House?

In this article we examine what makes a 'good' property market and take a look at where the market is right now. We want to help you decide whether to sell and buy now, or wait for more favourable conditions. Compare Agents is an Estate agent comparison site. We analyse the performance of every active

Buying A New Build Home

New-build homes are a popular choice for many people. First-time buyers might consider taking advantage of the government’s new Help to Buy equity loan scheme which will run for two years from 1 April 2021. Applications opened on 16 December 2020.  But with such a huge range of new-builds on offer, from flats to spacious

Landlords: What To Look Out For In 2021

2020 was a year like no other for landlords, with Covid-19 causing all sorts of disruptions in the private rental sector. Mind you, it also brought some opportunities. The demand for rental properties soared after the first lockdown and carried on doing so throughout Lockdown 2.0 meaning landlords looking to expand their portfolio have been

Is Part Exchanging Property A Good Idea?

Are Part Exchange Properties A Good Idea? Property experts have forecasted a downturn in the housing market in 2021 due to the end of the stamp duty land tax (SDLT) holiday in March and rising unemployment levels. Selling homes will therefore become increasingly difficult but builders and developers are offering part-exchange schemes to help their

Home Makeovers On A Budget

When viewing a property for the first time, buyers often imagine walking in and seeing a picture perfect showhome, ready and waiting for their belongings to fit seamlessly in. But this fleeting thought, as nice as it is, is not always what is going to happen. This is why it’s a good idea to put

Why Hasn’t My House Sold?

If your house has been on the market for more than three months, there are some questions you need to ask your estate agent to find out why it hasn’t sold or had much interest yet. You are paying them a good fee so it’s only fair you ask what they are going to do